As you know, we’ve discussed adding a couple rehearsals as we near the latter half of the season and can see that more rehearsal time would benefit us greatly.
I’ve organized the Spring Break rehearsal so that it isn’t an all day affair for everyone but rather a two hour rehearsal for each section with a full ensemble rehearsal at the end of the evening.
That schedule is as follows:
Saturday, March 18
8:00am – 10:00am     – Cymbals and Basses
10:00am – 12:00pm   – Pit and Quads
12:30pm – 2:30pm     – Snares and Toms
3:00pm   – 5:00pm    – Full Ensemble
If you’re out of town during this time, please let me know.
Friday, March 31
The next rehearsal is also being added on the day before our next contest:
6:00pm – 9:00pm – Full Ensemble (hopefully in the arena)
Friday, April 7
Spaghetti Dinner (lasagne)
This date was never on our schedule because it’s an event that the students already attend.
Lastly, I’m trying to arrange a fun performance for the Hughes students. We did this two years ago and schedules wouldn’t permit us to last year. If it happens, it will be during the day and we wouldn’t require and parent help on or off as this will not be timed. We would be grateful for a truck with a ball to pull the trailer because this is how we’ll transport back and forth to Hughes on that day. More info to come on this.
Three more very important Saturdays (already posted)
March 25 – All day rehearsal with show designer (Allen Joanis) We may start at 9:00am on this day.
April 1 – Adamson H.S.
April 8 – Centennial H.S. (NTCA Championships)
We are looking for someone to drive the equipment truck on Saturday, Feb. 18th. If you can do this for us, please contact me!
We will be loading the truck on Friday, after school. Make arrangements to stay after class and load the truck so that we can make the most of our time on Saturday. Loading takes 25 minutes with everyone’s help. If everyone helps we’ll be done before 5:00pm. Keep in mind, Cymbals and Basses will be having their sectional during this time, so we’ll need everyone else there. 8th graders do not need to come Friday, however, if there is anything you leave at the high school normally, you should arrive earlier than 10:50am on Saturday to walk-through and make sure you have what you need.
February 18, 2017
2101 Highbank Dr. Arlington, TX 76018
10:50am – Arrive at BHS and load the bus
11:00am – Depart BHS
11:40am – Arrive at JBHS/Unload/check-in
12:15pm – Watch other groups/Drum in the lot – Bring money for concessions
1:30pm   – Get into Uniform
2:00pm   – Section Warm-up
2:30pm   – Full Ensemble Warm-up
3:30pm   – Perform
5:15pm   – Depart for BHS
6:00pm   – Unloaded/Dismissed
Eat an early Lunch and bring a snack or money for concessions. Weather should be nice Saturday! We’ll take advantage of the parking lot!

Make sure you have all items of the uniform. Ask questions if you are unclear. If you wear an undershirt, the collar cannot show. Have long black socks.

Hey everyone,
I’ve been gathering information about schedules and dates to better inform you of our
schedule for the upcoming 2017 indoor season.

The following is a list of current dates of importance:
Saturday Rehearsals before JanuaryNov. 5 – Audition and Rehearsal Day (Auditions from 9-12)
9:00am – 6:00pm
Nov. 12 – Rehearsal day (Drill and music) 9:00am – 6:00pm
Dec. 17 – Rehearsal day (Drill and music) 9:00am – 6:00pm

(Lunch Break from 12:00pm – 1:00pm during those Saturday rehearsals)

Indoor Schedule 2017 (please assume all “bold” dates as an “all day event”)
Jan 21 – Rehearsal Day 10-6
Jan 28 – Rehearsal Day 10-6
Feb 4 – Azle HS
Feb 18 – TBD
Feb 25 – Rehearsal Day 10-6
March 4 – WGI Regional (CHS)
March 25 – Rehearsal Day 10-6
April 1 – Adamson HS
April 8 – NTCA Championships (CHS)

Weekly Rehearsals to be held after school
Monday – Pit Sectional (1 hr)
Tuesday – Full Ensemble (until 6:00pm)
Wednesday – Snare/Quad Sectional (1 hr)
Thursday – Full Ensemble (6:00pm – 9:00pm)
Friday – Bass/Cymbal Sectional (1 hr)

Please confirm all dates and times as they are mandatory. If there are any
conflicts, please come speak to me at your earliest convenience. I may be
able to rework rehearsals if I know soon enough!

Also, Look soon for information about No Frills, as well will be playing there
during both Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays in order to raise money
to pay for this show!

There will be membership dues! As you know, we try to cover the cost of everything
through fundraising and creativity, but we are asking that the members pay for their
uniform this year. 
We expect those to be around $100.00.

More information on dues soon!

Mickey Burmer